ZT Browser

A browser for zero trust security online surfing

Zero trust http websites, enhanced display https padlock
Zero trust the web connection, enhanced display WAF protection
Zero trust unvalidated websites, enhanced display the Validated
Support Chinese SM2 algorithm, enhanced display SM2 encryption
Support SM2 Certificate Transparency, ensure the security of SM2 SSL certificate
One-client multi-purpose, Client-cloud connection, PDF Reader integration, and more
Chromium 114

Chromium 114

  1. Based on the open source browser project, it builds a safer, faster and more stable way for Internet users to experience the web.
  1. ZT Browseris based on cryptographic technology and integrates more cryptographic applications.
  1. ZT Browseris based on the principle of zero trust and provides more security protection.
  1. The innovative UI makes it easy to identify the website identity, and highlights the zero trust security features.

Only trust https websites, showing as “Encrypted"

The https website is encrypted transmission, and the information transmitted from the browser to the server is ciphertext, preventing illegal interception, illegal stolen and illegal tampering! The green address bar display website trusted identity. ZT Browser preferentially uses SM2 algorithm to achieve HTTPS secure connection.

Enhanced display SM2 algorithm encrypted websites

Follow the cryptographic standard specifications such as "GM/T 0024-2014" and "GB/T 38636-2020". Self-adaptive encryption algorithm (RSA, ECC and SM2), preferentially use SM2 algorithm. It is a free SM2 supported browser, meets the compliance requirements of the “China Cryptography Law".

Patch the SM2 Algorithm for Windows

To let Windows can support the verification of the SM2 algorithm certificate, display the SM2 certificate normally like the RSA algorithm certificate, and let the browser pop up the SM2 certificate to complete the two-way authentication like the RSA algorithm client certificate.

Supports SM2 USB Key certificate two-way authentication

Supports client certificate authentication, including SM2 USB Key certificates and RSA client certificates. Supports the SM2 USB Key certificates issued by multiple CAs such as Guizhou CA, NetCA.

Supports SM2 USB Key certificate authentication

Do not trust documents without digital signatures

All documents without digital signatures are untrusted because there is no way to prove the real identity of the document, and there must be zero trust for document without digital signature.

Only trust documents with trusted digital signatures

ZT Browser verifies the digital signature of the document in real time, and displays the trusted identity of the document, helping users identify genuine and fake documents and e-invoices.

Support and display the ECC and SM2 Certificate Transparency firstly globally

Includes and trust the ECC and SM2 Certificate Transparency Log System, verifies and display whether every SSL certificate embedded trusted signed certificate timestamp, to ensure the security and trust of SSL certificate.

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Support the SM2 Certificate Transparency firstly globally Support the SM2 Certificate Transparency firstly globally

Enhanced display website identity

HTTPS can only guarantee transmission encryption, and the trusted identity of a website is as important as transmission encryption. Enhanced display of validated identity for website to facilitate the visitor’s security decision.

Enhanced display the https padlock

Display the Website Security Rating, to help website visitors quickly understand the security status of the website, and to help the website owner know whether the website is secure, and take corresponding security measures to ensure the security of the website in a timely manner.

Enhanced display the websites protection by cloud WAF

Zero trust every web connection, always verify every connection, pass normal traffic and block malicious attacks

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Do not trust every web connection Do not trust every web connection
Trusted Root Program

ZoTrus Trusted Root Program

ZT Browser trusts the RSA/ECC algorithm root certificates that Chromium has included and trusted by default
ZT Browser trusts the SM2 algorithm root certificates including the National Root CA and several applied CAs by default
ZT Browser has opened the document signing root CA certificate inclusion application, and it has included the National SM2 Root certificate.
For details of the ZoTrus Trusted Root Program, click here

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ZT Browser is a zero trust security tool for surfing the Internet. It is also a cryptographic application artifact.